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Internet of Things

IoT | Data Analytics | Data Lakes | Data Collection

Internet of Things

Our IoT offerings are designed for medium to large organinsations and for a variety of practical business scenarios.  Our integration, data storage, data analysis and service management capabilities support the effective implementation and management of high end IoT solutions and services.


IoT solutions can become stale and impractical if they do not evolve.  TSSBSI offers IoT analysis solutions to allow companies to adapt their IoT solutions appropriately so that the value and practicality of the solutions are maintained as the market changes.


A range of data lake solutions are provided by TSSBSI with a focus on industry vertical solutions.  Because our solutions cater for the peculiarities within specific vertical, data analysis, insights, reporting and other relevant capabilities are practical and relevant.


Data collection solutions are an important enabler for effective Data Management strategies.  TSSBSI offers leading data collection solutions that offer a diverse set of data collection methods including edge collection.